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"Editing" means making cuts in the recording. You can edit by combining various takes into one best performance, or by just snipping an attack here or a pause there. On a concert recording you have just the one take to work with, but often there's plenty that can be done to improve it.



For editing a recording session, an edit works best when two takes match each other in sound. Sometimes takes don't match because a microphone was moved or the performer took a different approach between takes; that doesn't rule out making the takes fit, it usually just requires some engineering. My regular clients are accustomed to me reaching a point in a difficult edit and saying, "it'll never work." Then we take a break and try again, and we make it work.


I can edit takes recorded in most standard digital formats and across any number of tracks. You can send me tracks to edit from anywhere via Dropbox and, given consistent-sounding takes, I will return to you clean, undectable edits, and I will work with you to resolve editing difficulties.



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