A big project requires big ideas, and that's where a producer comes in. The producer's main purpose on a recording project is to establish a vision and keep the project on course to achieve that vision. A producer's duties may include:


• Secure funding

• Compose the music

• Write the arrangements

• Hire the musicians

• Book the recording studio

• Set the budget

• Keep track of expenses

• Coordinate the recording schedule

• Guide the recording engineer's mix

• Stay on top of artists' needs

• Pick the takes for editing

• Maintain the quality of the product


In short, a producer is responsible for producing a high-quality product, to have something excellent to show for all the effort put into it. It's a big job; sometimes it takes two people.



Max Bialystock weaves his spell on a dubious Leo Bloom.

On an everyday basis, these duties are generally split between the client and myself, and it's not nearly such a complex undertaking. The client handles the artistic aspects such as picking or writing the music and inviting friends to play, and I handle the technical aspects. It's common for a client to have a friend familiar with the client's work to lend an ear at the session to help maintain a desired artistic standard.


I can confidently offer my services as a producer on musical and artistic aspects of your classical or jazz recording project, based on my own experience in arranging for and performing with orchestras, concert bands and jazz ensembles.