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My recording studio is built right into my home! The relaxed atmosphere in a quiet neighborhood will make you feel right at home as you record in the spacious, yet intimate, tracking room. The wood floor and acoustic treatment give the room a lively, natural sound.





The tracking room is large enough provide elbow room for a small ensemble, but not so large that an individual will feel swallowed up by it.








The drum isolation room is the perfect

size for a drum set and creates a nice, tight sound for modern styles. The photo on the right gives the view through the control room window.







Pianists love the sound and touch of the

6' 2" Brodmann PE-187. Many recording styles are possible, including very good isolation for the piano, even with a room full of instrumets, by using the Earthworks PianoMic System.







Double windows between the tracking room, drum room and control room give producer and talent clear lines of sight

and remarkable sound isolation.








The control room and drum room 

were designed by Kevin Johnson and

built from the ground up to professional studio standards, including floating floors,

non-parallel walls and Sheetblok between double layers of drywall. This might just

be the quietest room in town.

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